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Honolulu (KHON2) – Friday, October 2nd, Zeo Worship will host a virtual conference to help motivate and inspire the young generation of Hawaii through music and fellowship.

Zeo Worship is a Christian based band made up of four singers and songwriters, Tiffany Thurston, Kamu Sing, Imua Garza and Tiffa Garza. Coming from different backgrounds in music, the Zeo Worship has been entertaining and inspiring communities all around the state 

“Imua and Kamu knew each other since the 7th grade, and I knew Kamu since elementary. Then, when Imua and Tiffa got engaged I helped out with their wedding,” says Tiffany Thurston, singer and songwriter of Zeo Worship. “Separately we all have our own music gigs going on, and it wasn’t until last year we decided to come together and create a Christain group to worship God and inspire the community,” added Imua Garza, singer and songwriter of Zeo Worship. 

Known for their works in the local community, Zeo Worship continues to serve the people of Hawaii, working around the stay-at-home order. On Friday, October 2nd, Thurston is hosting Bloom, a virtual conference to help inspire and uplift the women of Hawaii.

Thurston says, “We believe in discipleship and pray that the momentum of the event would encourage girls to get into discipleship groups so that they can be encouraged by and stay accountable to.”  

Participants of Bloom will experience a two-day event which  includes Christian singers, motivational speakers and special performances of the groups newest album, Ho’onani.

“Our album comes out on Friday, the same day as the event. It consists of worship songs written and sung by us in Hawaiian,” says, Garza. “Our hope is for the people of Hawaii to sing these songs of redemption, as well as break barriers because this album is sung in Hawaiian.”

Tickets to the Bloom event is currently on sale, as well as, pre-orders for Ho’onani is now available on iTunes. 


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