Uganda has been named among six top destinations for tourists in October.

According to Forbes, Uganda’s success in taming COVID-19 has stabilized infections, making the country an ideal place for tourism to resume safely.

Uganda’s selection also owes to the fact that unlike other countries, Uganda has removed cumbersome restrictions and created vital information on infections to help inform potential travellers to Uganda.

Other countries named alongside Uganda as top tourist destinations include El Salvador, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bahamas, Panama.

International flights to Entebbe Airport resumed on October 1, about six months after the government closed airports in the wake of the pandemic.

Many countries, especially in Europe, are seeing a rise in COVID-19 case numbers once again in what has been described as a second wave, making them less inviting destinations to tourist visitors.

Entry requirements to Uganda require that visitors test negative within 72 hours and take a negative test before departure as well.

Standard operating procedures also require tourists to observe a curfew between 9pm and 6am; however, those who have a flight between those hours you are permitted to go to/from the airport.

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