ORLANDO, Fla – Universal Orlando has “hatched” a new “Jurassic Park”-themed roller coaster after fans have speculated several months of construction, WKMG reported.

The high-speed roller coaster, called the VelociCoaster, was first hinted back in June when the “Jurassic Park’s Islands of Adventure” reopened to the public as part of a renovation project. According to WKMG, the “new species” is slated for summer, 2021.

Hints at a possible “Jurassic Park”-themed roller coaster popped on the theme park’s social media account sending fans into speculation.

According to the Orlando Informer and WKMG, the roller coaster had been under construction for several months, with theme park visitors noticing construction workers lifting up giant dinosaur statues in cranes.

WKMG reported those who ride the “VelociCoaster” will experience “a rush of the hunt as they race alongside raptors through jungle-like terrain,” citing Universal Orlando’s website.

According to WKMG, the VelociCoaster is the first rollercoaster added to the resort since “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure” last year.

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