The most wonderful time of year is undoubtedly the holiday season, but that time pre-holidays when all our favorite networks announce their Christmas and holiday movies for the year is certainly second best. It gets us in the holiday spirit, after all! And in 2020, made-for-TV Christmas movie lovers have 30 new original Lifetime Christmas movies, 40 new original Hallmark Christmas movies, and now, just announced yesterday, five new UPtv Christmas movies to look forward to.

These five new UPtv titles join the network’s lineup of 500 hours of holiday content featuring 60 family-friendly Christmas movies. For an even more personalized Christmas movie experience, UPtv will soon launch the My UPtv Movies app, which will grant viewers access to information on upcoming movies, movie previews and personalized showtime alerts.

And to get you even more excited for UPtv’s Christmas content, is premiering this exclusive trailer for UPtv’s 2020 Merry Movie Christmas lineup! The sneak-peek clip includes first-looks of new films like A Ring for Christmas and A Very Country Christmas.

While the app won’t be ready until mid-October and UPtv’s Merry Movie Christmas doesn’t start until November 1, here’s an in-depth look at each of the network’s five new made-for-TV Christmas movies to hold you over. Starting with the third film in the fan-favorite franchise A Very Country, UPtv’s Christmas movie schedule 2020 is waiting for you below!

A Very Country Christmas Homecoming 

Premiering at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday, November 1

The third film in the popular A Very Country series on UPtv, A Very Country Christmas Homecoming stars Bea Santos, Greyston Holt, country singer Deana Carter, Mike Shara, and Charlotte Hegele as Zane and Jeannette return from the honeymoon of their dreams to plan their first-ever Christmas as a family. However, Jeannette’s former father-in-law really disturbs the peace (and their plan for a restful Christmas!) when he shows up to stir the pot.

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A Ring for Christmas

Premiering at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday, November 8


Premiering the following Sunday is A Ring for Christmas, starring Liliana TandonDean Geyer, Charles Hittinger and Lorraine Bracco. If you love Christmastime romance, then this is definitely the made-for-TV movie for you. Angie Moore is your typical spoiled rich girl—sans boyfriend, fiancé or husband. She may be motivated to find love eventually, but she becomes even more motivated when she realizes she’ll inherit a whole lot of money in a trust fund specifically set aside for when she gets married. Suddenly, Angie’s in a rush to be a wife. But can she find a man to tie the knot with by Christmas day?

Mistletoe Magic 

Premiering at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday, November 15


Next up is Mistletoe Magic, starring Stephen Huszar and Jessica Sipos. Harper (Sipos) is a self-proclaimed Christmas Grinch who accidentally donates a memorable family heirloom to charity: the family’s beloved mistletoe, which they believe to be magical. With the help of Luke (Huszar)—a long-time acquaintance and local thrift store owner—Harper goes on a mission to find and reclaim her family’s mistletoe. Along the way, Luke finds his own mission: convincing this Christmas Grinch that true love and the magic of Christmas really do exist.

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Dashing Home for Christmas

Premiering at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday, November 22


In Dashing Home for Christmas, we meet Emily, a thriving business consultant whoof course—has been so busy with work that she has missed every family gathering so far this year. That’s why it’s important that she do what the movie title suggests and dash home to make it on time for the holidays. However, a series of #annoying events delays her—diverted flights, broken-down trains, you name it—and with her plan to be home for Christmas in peril, she finds herself entangled with Simon. Emily is Type-A and flattened by the thought of not making it home in time, whereas Simon is more of a go-with-the-flow type of dude. As they depend on each other to find their (separate) ways home, they might bicker, but they might also just fall in love–Who are we kidding?! They’re totally going to fall in love!

Christmas on the Range

Premiering at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday, December 6


There’s no Christmas like one on the range, which is exactly why Kendall Riley is trying so hard to protect it. Her family’s ranch is in danger and the small-town Scrooge, Brick McCree, is to blame. But unlikely solidarityand perhaps even a full-blown romance—starts to form when McCree’s son, Clint, returns to town and offers to help Kendall. But are his intentions good or is he simply destroying her family’s farm from the inside-out in an effort to help his father? 

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