The Exo Stranger isn’t the only character returning in a big way with the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion. The latest trailer is narrated, at least in part, by the Fallen Variks, who has had a nebulous allegiance with the Guardians since the first game. The “Europa” trailer gives us our best look so far at Beyond Light’s newest destination, the frozen moon of Jupiter, as well as hinting at the mysteries that hide just beneath its icy surface. About halfway through, narration switches to the Exo Stranger. The footage shows the many locations, enemies, and activities we’ll encounter on Europa, leaving Guardians watching frame-by-frame for any possible new details or information.

Have a look at the trailer yourself below:

Bungie accompanied the trailer with a new page on the Beyond Light site which shows the Europa destination map and an overview of each area on it. Europa is a time capsule of Golden Age wonders now buried under hundreds of years of ice, and each location tells its own kind of story about the history of the moon. A group of Fallen gathers here, wielding new powers granted by the Darkness, a power that we must also undertake if we hope to defeat them.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Map and Locations

Here’s the full map of Europa as seen on the Destiny 2 Beyond Light site:

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Map

Below are more details and screenshots of each individual location.

Eventide Ruins

Destiny 2 beyond light Europa eventide ruins

This was a Clovis Bray colony that once housed thousands of settlers, these ruins are all that is left. We can probably expect a lot of similarities to Clovis Bray colonies we’ve seen on Mars in both Destiny 1 and 2, albeit frozen as opposed to covered in sand.

Asterion Abyss

Destiny 2 beyond light Europa asteria abyss

“The Vex structures visible on the surface are only the tip of the iceberg.” As any place the Vex are involved, expect this area to get weird. The trailer makes it clear the Vex and Exo have closer ties than we may want to admit, and the structure in the distance looks suspiciously like the Pyramidion, or at least one of the external gates to a shared internal space. Could this be where the revamped Vault of Glass Raid will kick off from?

Cadmus Ridge

Destiny 2 beyond light Europa cadmus ridge

This is where the Bray exoscience facility is. With Beyond Light’s main Raid confirmed to be the Deep Stone Crypt, does the entrance lie somewhere in this snowy area?

Charon’s Crossing

Destiny 2 beyond light Europa charons crossing

The Europa comms center where Variks sent out a distress call, likely leading us, Drifter, Eris, and the Exo Stranger to Europa. We know Variks will be seen as he appears around 24 seconds into the above trailer, though after his offscreen betrayal in the Prison of Elders that led to Cayde’s death, there’s bound to be some tension. This is also the chokepoint from the rest of Europa to the next location, which will play a very important role…


Destiny 2 beyond light Europa Beyond

The Pyramids aren’t done with us yet. One has followed us to Europa, or maybe it was always here. It waits in the southern-most area called only “Beyond,” and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this space shares a name with part of the expansion’s title. Bungie describes the space as a “clearing that overlooks the conflict between light and dark.”

And this is all only part of the upcoming story. Beyond Light will also reintroduce Destiny 1’s Cosmodrome, used as a way to onboard new players now that the original Red War campaign is going away. Though rumors have it that other secrets lie in wait in the Cosmodrome, namely a certain murderous Awoken turned Guardian who just might become the next Hunter Vanguard.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases on November 10th for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. It will be available on next-gen consoles on their respective launch days.