Summer 2020 is NOT canceled! ?? Your staycation itinerary: Paddleboarding Lake Union, hike to a waterfall & spend the night in a treehouse! Sponsored by Premera.

SEATTLE — Yes, there’s a pandemic.  Yes, life is unpredictable, but guess what? There’s good news! SUMMER IS NOT CANCELED! I’m serious! There is still time to make Summer 2020 AMAZING. Allow me to demonstrate ? 

CRITERIA FOR MY ITINERARY:  Has to be in the Seattle area, we are talking more STAYcation than VAYcation, has to get me OUT OF THE HOUSE and doing something fun with other humans! Has to follow social distancing guidelines (we want COVID-19 to GO AWAY, right?) and of course, it has to get me out into the SUN.  Yes, it’s STILL summer but you know it and I know it: fall is coming. Pacific Northwest locals know the score.  When daylight hours start to decline – it’s time to get serious about storing up Vitamin D.

Can I do this?  OF COURSE, I CAN, I live in Seattle! The Puget Sound region is the BEST. We’ve got oceans, lakes, mountains, parks, forests, beaches, everything! All accessible within minutes to an hour. AND it’s EASY – in fact, the perfect itinerary was practically handed to me!

Actively Northwest

Actively Northwest, powered by Premera Blue Cross, is a blog full of ideas to help you get you up, get active, and enjoy the Pacific Northwest.  Fitness, food, inspiration – they’ve got it.  Seriously, they made coming up with this killer staycation itinerary SO EASY.  

I picked 3 things to do, inspired their articles, to make sure this is THE BEST SUMMER EVER (all before Labor Day)!! 


I went to Moss Bay Kayak Paddle Board and Sail Center on Lake Union – on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR – to try out paddleboarding with my friends Ellen and Elizabeth, who only fell in TWICE. LOL. We had a great time, It’s truly the perfect way to social distance on the water and DEFINITELY an arm workout. Shout out to Moss Bay who taught us the ropes! 

INSPIRED BY: Actively Northwest: Our Favorite Seattle Paddleboard Spots 


Twin Falls is a quintessential Washington hike about a half an hour out of Seattle. There are SO many picture worthy moments around every corner and two beautiful waterfalls – hence the hike’s namesake. It’s 3-miles roundtrip in a “textbook Northwest forest” and it’s not too strenuous.  My mom and I loved it and Actively Northwest had it listed as a great winter walk, too!

INSPIRED BY: Actively Northwest: 8 Can’t-Miss Winter Walks Near Seattle and Portland 


I am all about finding hidden gems so when I heard there are treehouses near Seattle you can stay at? Say no more! TreeHouse Point is easily accessible along the Preston-Fall City Road SE and located about 30 minutes from Seattle. They offer guided tours, lodging, weddings and more. You can really turn off the technology and escape from the everyday stress! One of their treehouses was even featured in Treehouse Masters on HGTV! Its epic and I will be figuring out a way to stay here soon. Book a stay on their website: 

INSPIRED BY: Actively Northwest: 5 of the Northwest’s Best Treehouse Getaways 

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