A contact-free rental process

During a pandemic, touchless transactions are critical for everyone’s safety. For that reason, reducing physical contact between customers and staff is an ongoing effort, says Sara Miller, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Enterprise Holdings. “This includes the addition of a curbside rental option, as well as delivery at some locations, to help promote social distancing by getting renters quickly on their way while limiting foot traffic in our locations,” she explains. “We’re also working on additional modified offerings so we can implement more permanent low- and no-touch experiences for our customers in the months ahead.”

Kyte, a rental car delivery company, has offered contact-free experiences since its inception. Customers rent cars on their smartphones, then wait for the vehicle to be dropped off by a masked and gloved delivery person. “[With] the general concept of rental cars being affiliated with a ton of paperwork and this dreaded factor of waiting in line, a change has been coming for quite a while,” says Bala Pichumani, who works in Growth & Operations for Kyte. “With customers ordering a car from their app, there’s no wait and no paperwork involved.” There’s also the potential for no human contact.