Companies throughout the industry are working to develop new strategies for the PMA Fresh Summit now that it has been converted into a virtual format. For Progressive Produce, however, their strategy will remain the same: “Be welcoming, informative, and accessible to attendees,” Oscar Guzman, director of marketing and sales for the company, shares. “Our strategy has always been to be a great partner to our customers and vendors. That still remains true, and we take pride in still being ‘present’ in this virtual environment,” he explains.

Progressive Produce will be showing their compostable packaging at the show.

Presence and participation are some of the most important factors for making the show a success, Guzman says. “The important piece is having the industry buy in and participate, particularly vendors, wholesalers, retailers, and more. We think it is very important and that’s why we continue to participate,” he says. This will be Progressive Produce’s third virtual trade show, and they have also exhibited at United Fresh LIVE! and PMA Foodservice: Delivered.

Right: Oscar Guzman.

With the help of the AI built into the Fresh Summit platform, the Progressive Produce team expects to be able to direct good traffic to their booth. “By now, people have had some experience with virtual shows and how to navigate them, so we’re looking forward to more meetings,” Guzman shares.

Travel around North and South America with Progressive Produce
As a grower, packer and shipper of a wide variety of fresh produce year-round, Progressive Produce will be showing off many of their products at the show – new brands and developments as well as popular staples. “One of the items we’ll be showing off will be our new Mim’s Famous Sweet Potatoes specialty yam brand. This will be available year-round in many different varieties such as: Beauregard Orange, Garnet Red, Charleston Purple, Japanese Plum, Bonita White, and a Classic Medley pack,” says Guzman, adding: “We’ll also show our Organic Heirloom Navel Oranges and the Progressive Farm Asparagus. Our sustainable package will also receive a spotlight: we do both paper and compostable options.”

In order to be able to supply their products year-round to their customers, Progressive Produce is active in multiple growing regions. “We want to highlight our different growing regions and locations in North and South America. That is why, although we can’t physically travel right now, we’re inviting Fresh Summit attendees to ‘travel’ with us year-round as we show off these regions and growing locations,” Guzman concludes.

Visit Progressive Produce at PMA Virtual Fresh Summit, October 13 – 15, 2020.

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