LURAY, Va. (WHSV) – The West Luray Recreation Center opened its doors after three years in the making, and people of all ages came to celebrate. Cotton candy and bouncy houses were seen outside of the center, formally the Andrew Jackson School.

The building now holds a clothing closet for donations and a computer lab for students to use on Wednesdays, when schools are closed for COVID-19 cleaning, and for those unable to access WIFI. There will also be a food distribution program.

Recreation center organizer, Audre King, said he is relieved to see the vision come together and is ready for the future.

“I believe that exhale is taken in with another inhale which says now it’s time to shift gears because we have a whole other assignment in place, which is managing the youth that are gonna be coming in on a daily basis,” King said.

At the beginning of the grand opening, a flag raising ceremony was held honoring the first soldier killed in combat in Vietnam from Page County, Army Specialist Emmet “Arthur” Dougans. Dougans attended Andrew Jackson School and they plan to have a plaque for him at the rec center as well.

Tutoring and study hall at the recreation center will begin Wednesday and in January, mentorships will start.

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