September 6, 2020, 4:08 PM ·

Who’s hungry for a theme park visit?

The Labor Day weekend is supposed to be the end of the summer vacation season in the United States. The pandemic kept that season from taking flight this year, even if locals are filling Disney and Universal to capacity in Central Florida today. So I suspect that many Theme Park Insider readers elsewhere are feeling hungry for a trip — perhaps literally.

Last week, I asked Theme Park Insider’s Twitter followers, “If you could have any theme park food delivered to your home, right now, what would it be?” This week, I’d like to put some of the leading responses up for a vote — to find the one theme park food that people in our community crave most.

What Food Do Theme Park Fans Crave Most?

Now keep in mind that by bringing up the idea of delivery, I think a lot of readers ruled out a lot of popular frozen treats that wouldn’t survive the trip home. And I did ask specifically for “food” and not drinks, so that likely limited the responses, as well.

But you came up with some great candidates here. We’ve got food from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Cedar Point, Dollywood, and Silver Dollar City on our list. Heck, if you’re dreaming of a 2021 theme park road trip, this menu would provide the foundation for an excellent itinerary.

But for now, you can pick only one. So which one is it?

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