The final season of The CW’s long-running show ‘Supernatural’ was to have 20 episodes but the pandemic disrupted both the shooting and airing schedule. Now after the long, unexpected hiatus, the series is going to do its final victory lap with the seven remaining episodes airing in October-November. Andrew Dabb, one of the executive producers, has revealed that the first episode to air after the hiatus, titled ‘Last Holiday’, will allow viewers to “see basically every holiday you want Sam and Dean to celebrate,” thanks to a wood nymph that Dean and Sam discover in the bunker. Executive Producer Robert Singer said. “She basically says to them, ‘You’ve been holed up in this bunker, you’ve missed all these holidays.'” 

Where we left off

Besides getting to know there were other, funkier versions of Sam and Dean in alt universes, the gang — Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack were on the hunt for the McGuffin “the Occultum” that gives Sister Jo the chance to give the boys a right run around. But at the end of it all, Jack has his soul back and is all powered up thanks to a surprise visit to the Garden of Eden courtesy the said Occultum. Now that Jack has the firepower, Grim Reaper Billie’s plan to get God, once and for all, using the boys as her weapons is a go.

What we’d like to see

After 15 long years, we’d like the brothers to take a holiday. Though now, since the series’ last finale is imminent, they could go out, guns blazing, and die like heroes — like how actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (who play Dean and Sam) had always imagined they would.

But we wonder if ‘Supernatural’ fans would be okay with that. So we can always hope for a happier end. That said, God aka Chuck is definitely toast since everyone — from the boys to Grim Reaper Billie to God’s sister Amara — are all fed up with him. But there are peripheral characters/entities to be accounted for, who will all play into the finale — from Sister Jo, The Empty, and the long lost Winchester brother, Jake Abel. The new season’s trailer (for the seven new episodes) tells us a little about what we can expect.     

When is it returning

The CW has announced that the final seven episodes will begin airing on Thursday, October 8, at 8/7c. For die-hard fans, there is also a series retrospective, ‘Supernatural: The Long Road Home’, on Thursday, November 19, just before the two finale episodes are aired.

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