Parks and Recreation is the latest show Netflix has lost in the so-called “streaming wars”. At the end of October, all seven of the Amy Poehler comedy’s seven seasons left the American version of the streaming service in order to move to a new home. The NBC show is also set to leave Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in order to stream on the NBCUniversal service Peacock.

However, at the time of writing, the show is still available to watch on Hulu. However, it is unlikely to be there for long, with multiple outlets reporting last month that the show was leaving all of its former streaming homes in order to come to Peacock. As such, Hulu subscribers may want to binge it while they have the chance as Parks and Rec‘s days on the streamer are probably numbered.

All seven seasons, however, are streaming now on Peacock, as well as the recent lockdown reunion which aired on NBC earlier this year.

Those who have not yet signed up for Peacock can currently watch the show online on a number of other streaming services—for now. Around a quarter of the episodes of the show will be available across October on Sling, DirecTV and FuboTV, for example. Episodes are also made available to stream on-demand on the Comedy Central website as they air on the channel.

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parks and recreation peacock netflix
‘Parks and Recreation’ has now left Netflix for Peacock.

For Parks and Rec fans who prefer to buy series passes for the show can buy all seven seasons on Apple TV, Google Play, Fandango Now, Amazon, Microsoft Store and Vudu.

However, Peacock and Hulu are currently the only places where all of Parks and Recreation is now streaming. The fact that the show is now of Peacock may be frustrating for Netflix subscribers, but it is actually good news for viewers who want to watch the show online for free.

Parks and Rec Seasons 1 to 7 are available with ads via the free tier of Peacock. If after watching the Amy Poehler comedy you want more access to the wider catalog of Peacock, the service costs $4.99 a month with ads or $9.99 without them.

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For those who want to watch Hulu, meanwhile, it costs $5.99 a month with ads and $11.99 without them—or $49.99 and $119.99 a year respectively. Both Peacock and Hulu also offer a seven-day free trial, giving fans another way to watch Parks and Rec online for free.

Parks and Recreation is not the only show to have left Netflix to join the catalog of Peacock. Cheers, Frasier and Parenthood are already gone, while The Office is leaving the streamer on January 1, 2021.