A new psychological thriller, The Third Day, has arrived on Sky Atlantic.

The co-production between Sky and HBO starring Jude Law and Naomie Harris, is set on a mysterious island, home to a group of islanders with rather odd traditions.

It is told in three connected parts, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with one part taking the form of a theatrical performance.

Here’s what we know about where The Third Day was filmed.

Where was The Third Day filmed?

Osea Island

Much of the series was filmed on Osea Island (Photo: Sky UK/HBO)

The island is the main location for The Third Day, where the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred.

Osea Island is in fact the real name of the island, which is the same as the fantasy island in the show and is where the majority of filming took place.

The 1.5 km island is set off the coast of Essex and is only accessible by a tidal causeway at certain times of the day.

The island’s website says it can be used for everything from parties and festivals to weddings and conferences.

Paddy Considine as Mr Martin and Emily Watson as Mrs Martin in The Third Day (Photo: Sky UK/HBO)

Its description on the official website said: “Osea doesn’t claim to be a luxury spa resort with uniformed personnel attending to your every whim, it’s really more a force of nature with silence being perhaps its greatest luxury.

“With only the stars for streetlights and an absence of traffic and aircraft noise you may sleep deeply and wake up refreshed to the sound of bird song.”

The secluded nature of the island, which also features five miles of private beaches, “rustic” gardens, orchards, meadows and salt marshes, makes a fitting setting for the mysterious goings-on of The Third Day.

The island is owned by record producer Nigel Frieda, and is understood to be popular with members of the music industry.

There are also several cottages on the island, a seafood shack, and a restaurant known as The Bomb Factory which is a former World War I torpedo store.

It also used to be home to an addiction treatment centre between 2005 and 2010.

The Third Day is mainly filmed on Osea Island, with some scenes in Kent locations (Photo: Sky UK/HBO)

Cast member Emily Watson told Radio Times and other media about the difficulties of filming on the island.

“Exactly as in the story, if you missed the tidal causeway, you then had to wait until the tide came in enough, or did whatever enough, to get a boat,” she said.

“There were only certain times of day when you could get on and off the island,”

She added that the cast and crew often stayed the night on the island, making it feel a bit like “a really weird boarding school”.


While the majority of the show was filmed on Osea Island, several locations in Kent were also used in smaller parts of the production including Hever Castle, the Bedgebury National Pinetum Forest and Shellness Beach, according to the Kent Film Office.

Hever Castle is a 13th century Tudor era building, which features gardens and a lake. It was the home of the Boleyn family and has featured in several films in the past.

Jude Law plays Sam in The Third Day (Photo: Sky UK/HBO)

The forest in Tunbridge Wells is filled with dense woodland areas with many different trees including a large number of conifers, as well as lakes and parkland. Bedgebury National Pinetum Forest is home to over 12,000 trees, orienteering, cycling and walking trails and a Go Ape treetop obstacle course.

The sand and shingle Shellness beach, by the Isle of Sheppey, is officially a nudist beach that often gets covered by small seashells by the tideline.

Other locations across the county in southeastern England included the Fog Signal Station at Dungeness, Harty Ferry, Walpole Bay Tidal Pool, St Clere Estate, Allens Farm, Hever Castle, Quex Park, Grain, Chiddingstone, according to the film board.

What about ‘Autumn’?

While Summer and Winter episodes are filmed and broadcast in a conventional way, Autumn takes the form of a live theatrical broadcast event, created in collaboration with innovators Punchdrunk.

Capturing the events of a single day, Autumn will be filmed and broadcast on Sky Arts and online on 3 October.

When is it on TV?

The Third Day launched on 15 September at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, with the three episodes of Summer airing weekly.

Autumn, the theatrical live event, will broadcast on 3rd October on Sky Arts and online.

The three episodes of Winter will then begin weekly on 6th October on Sky Atlantic.

All of The Third Day will also be available through NOW TV.