WHISKEYTOWN, Calif. – Due to the Zogg Fire emergency operations and the fire’s close proximity to the southern boundary of the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, officials have issued some temporary closures.

The Whiskeytown Lake is closed to all boating, this includes kayaking and paddleboarding. The south side of the park is also closed. Officials said this closure includes – but is not limited to – Brandy Creek, Marina, and RV Campground; the Paige Bar Road-Mule Town Road corridors; and South Shore Drive.

Boat ramps are currently barricaded and the park staff says they are enforcing road closures at the Clair A. Hill Whiskeytown Dam. Whiskeytown Lake is closed to boating so that firefighting aircraft can scoop water from the lake without interference.

The Zogg Fire is currently 15,000 acres and has prompted several evacuations. Click here for the latest updates on the fire.