While times like these may be a challenge for married couples, Darlene Moore and her husband are using their faith and experiences in life to help others.

Moore, and her husband, Brick McFall, have come together with their book “Prayers for Married Couples: Understanding What a Difference Prayer Can Make As Well As Mean to a Married Couple’s Relationship” and are working on a third volume.

Moore said the purpose of the third volume of her book is to help couples who have been together more than usual because of COVID-19 and its restrictions.

Though it’s a process to work on a book with her husband, she said she is grateful for the opportunity that God has given her.

“Let’s continue to write what God has given, and so we can continue to be a blessing to other couples and so we can have a foundation of what we’re doing together,” Moore said.

The plan, according to Moore, is to have the book finished by the end of this year because everyone has dealt with a great deal and she wants her and her husband to be a light in the darkness in someone’s life.

“Everyone has gone through so much,” Moore said.

Moore said a lot of the couples she frequently engages with are overwhelmed and sometimes feel life’s problems may be too much for them to handle.

Moore said she wants those couples to acknowledge that they are dealing with strong emotions, but to look for the hope and the light.

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Darlene Moore ‘s book ‘Prayers for Married Couples: Understanding What a Difference Prayer Can Make As Well As Mean to a Married Couple’s Relationship’ is aimed at helping other with Biblical scriptures and life advice.

Moore said she and McFall read Psalms and Proverbs in the Bible every night as well as the Book or Revelation and ask God to lead them and let them write prayers that are meaningful and that can move people to be strengthened and encouraged.

“Sometimes he will share what he’s written, and sometimes I would share what I’ve written,” Moore said. “So we are also sharing that together.”

Moore calls the process of working with her husband both hopeful and exciting.

For the two, Moore calls this new chapter in their life a blessing, as they use this book for not only others, but themselves.

Currently, McFall is taking care of his mother in Texas, and the married couple of three years haven’t been able to see each other in over seven months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

But the miles apart can’t keep the two from sharing their love for each other and God.

“It feels right,” Moore said.

But Moore’s book just doesn’t deal with faith, as it takes a look at a couple’s finances, pre-need, which has to do with taking care of a spouse’s funeral arrangements in the event that they die, as well as many other challenges that couples face in their day-to-day life, and being committed to working through those challenges.

The book will also include prayers and scriptures on various chapters of the book, hand-picked by Moore and McFall in each chapter.

“The book has helped us,” Moore said. “Even with topics we’ve dealt with, prayers for families to have serious decisions for things that are meaningful that can happen.”