(Guarantee or “buy” games are one-time single games in which an opponent is paid a guarantee in lieu of a share in gate and/or television revenue. UA is paying those teams between $90,000-$95,000 this season.)

Gonzaga coach Mark Few told the Spokane Spokesman-Review that the UA-Gonzaga game will likely be moved to a future season, and Reynolds said the Illinois game remains in a “holding pattern” and may be postponed in part because of the Illini’s other obligations.

Games against Loyola Marymount and Wyoming were contracted after COVID-19 hit, and thus include a “travel and play restrictions” clause that says if there is any modification in the 2020-21 schedule by the NCAA or the teams’ respective conferences, both sides will make efforts to reschedule.

As a result, Reynolds said those games will likely be moved to a future season. The force majeure clauses in the NAU and Northern Colorado contracts say that neither school is liable if there is a war, disaster or “order of any government, court or regulatory body having jurisdiction” preventing the game to be played.

But the fuzziness of that language could be a moot point, since Reynolds says both games may be moved into December. Besides, athletic director Dave Heeke indicated, nobody is playing hardball with the contracts at this point.

“Everyone understands the unique circumstances that exist, so we’re working with those folks,” Heeke said. “We want to make sure we can somehow play at some point, whether it’s this year (or) in the future. … We have good relationships with the folks that we schedule with.”