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Playing cricket without fans or behind closed doors as is often said is no longer a surprise, but something that fans have to get used to henceforth. While it is hard to imagine such a scenario, there is little that we can do, at least, within the near future. 

Now, if you are a cricket enthusiast or bettor feeling a bit disappointed, don’t worry. There’s a way out. Although you might not be allowed to attend, you can appreciate live cricket betting from your smartphone or tablet device. 

It might be a little bit different, but you have to accept it for now. 

From Suspension to Closed Door Tournaments

Different sports federations and organisations quickly moved to suspend games including those that were on the schedule already. For instance, England and Wales Cricket Board stopped all cricket activities for months. 

While the initial deadlines set have lapsed, there seems not to be any clear indication of resumption of the usual cricket grounds with thousands of fans. As a way of giving hope to fans, various sports governing bodies have now scheduled games including cricket. 

The sad reality, however, is that fans won’t be able to attend them since they will happen behind closed doors. So, the usual responsive crowds are not going to be part of the game now. 

It might seem not to be a big deal to play without the usual crowds, but there are adverse effects. But all in all, things have to get going. After all, it’s better to watch something at home rather than abandon sports completely until things get back to normal. 

Why Is It Hard To Allow Fans? 

Look, we are used to watching live cricket games lively. But fans won’t just sit and watch as their favourite players do their thing. Usually, there are times to keep quiet, cheer up and also congratulate when scores are made. 

Now, that’s where the problem is with sporting events. The reality is that it’s quite impossible to watch without high fives, hugs and field celebrations. Truth be told, emotions often run high.

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So, the whole idea of keeping social distance and avoiding contact is a nightmare in cricket playgrounds packed to capacity with lively crowds. 

It would be great to have fans watch cricket and their other favourite games from the comforts of their homes. 

You should, therefore, not be surprised to hear that all cricket tournaments lined up for the remaining months of this year will take place behind closed doors.

Betting Behind Closed Doors Is the New Normal

If you are a cricket bettor, it’s pretty possible to bet even when tournaments are happening without fans. With your smartphone, you can do just as you would do if you were watching the sport live. Most casinos have gone online anyway. 

The great part of betting nowadays and especially during these times of a pandemic is the fact that casinos allow live betting. You can, therefore, analyse the game, and be able to make predictions while the game continues. All you need is a smartphone. 

While you will miss the magical sporting moments common while watching live games with crowds, we have to be content with what happens now. Just be ready to watch and bet on your favourite cricket players behind closed doors. 

Bottom Line?

You may not be able to attend upcoming cricket events, at least, for the foreseeable future, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a fan. Watch and bet at home. It’s safe, and you still get a chance to win bets and enjoy watching games. 

Make use of your smartphone!

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