“I think figuring out how we’re going to do that is interesting,” said Castro. “An audio track of crowd noise isn’t going to simulate what Lane Stadium normally sounds like. You can’t do it. But that I think will give some sort of normalcy to fans who are going to be in there.”

Before the game, Virginia Tech will still run onto the field to its iconic Enter Sandman entrance. Fans in the stadium normally jump up and down – creating enough impact to reportedly register on the Richter scale, used to measure earthquakes. The crowd of 1,000 won’t likely have that kind of impact, but Belisle said Tech will still do the Enter Sandman entrance, for the players and fans alike.

At home, fans will be able to download an app and trigger a light show from their phone during the team entrance. Tech uses a similar app at Cassell Coliseum for the basketball team’s pre-game introductions.

During the game, fans can answer trivia questions, make predictions about the game and get live look-ins to the Tech radio booth.

Some of those offerings are things that could become staples of Tech games, even after the current attendance restrictions are lifted.

“This will change our business in really good ways moving forward,” said Belisle. “So much of what we were doing before was about, ‘What are we doing in stadium? What are we doing in Blacksburg?’ Now, we’re talking about going to people instead of having them come to us.”