KELOLAND News brings you the latest COVID-19 numbers in South Dakota each day.

Now, we’re introducing you to some of the faces behind those cases.

Carol Rowen is back to work.

The owner of Buzz’n Coffee Company in Wolsey had to close up shop for two weeks while she was out sick with COVID-19.

While she says it’s great to see customers once again…

“I’m absolutely exhausted,” Buzz’n Coffee Company Owner Carol Rowen said.

She didn’t experience all the common symptoms, but she did have body aches, headaches, and a rash.

“That was the most uncomfortable symptom besides just the exhaustion and no energy. I did develop a lot of lung and breathing issues. I was short of breath and I would cough nonstop,” Rowen said.

Meanwhile, it’s been three weeks since Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey tested positive for the virus.

The Wolsey-Wessington superintendent and high school principal remembers suddenly feeling strange while she was at work.

She went home, and it didn’t take long before she started feeling worse.

“The fever I had mainly at night for a few days. Body aches and pains were really bad. I did spend one night in the E.R.,” Wolsey-Wessington Superintendent/High School Principal Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey said.

Boomsma-Kelsey wants everyone to keep in mind that the virus can affect people in different ways.

“Don’t take for granted how it might affect you. I was completely shocked at how sick I was. I’ve never been that sick in my life. I was in bed for nine days and I never would’ve guessed it would’ve affected me that way so please just take all the precautions that everyone is asking and don’t think it can’t happen to you because it’s happening to so many people we know,” Boomsma-Kelsey said.

“I think everyone needs to open their eyes, that this is more than you think it is. It affects you far more than you think it will,” Rowen said.

Rowen says four of her family members also tested positive for COVID-19.

Boomsma-Kelsey says she doesn’t know how she caught the virus, but she does not believe she got it from school.