PIMA COUNTY, Ariz. (KVOA) – The Pima Air and Space Museum is filled with history and many Southern Arizonans are checking out their latest addition.

They say the B-17 could tell a thousand stories from people who flew the plane during World War Two. Richard Bushong shares his story at the 390th Memorial Museum every Thursday and explains what it was like to fly the B-17.

“I flew 28 missions over Germany with England in the airforce,” Bushong said. “Just 4 months I completed 28 missions.”

Bushong is a 97-year-old veteran. He told News 4 Tucson he has a lot of very interesting stories from the 1940s.

“But our bombing was done all in the day time, the Brits said we were crazy for bombing in the day time, they were right about that,” Bushong said.

Bushong said he is truly lucky to be here today.

“My crew that I trained with was shot down, I was in the hospital back in England, so I would have been there if I had not been sick, I was sick on some bad food, that’s by I like bad food today,” Bushong said.

All the docents at the 390th Memorial Museum are veterans. Errin Mendibles, the communications director of the museum, said even though she knows a lot about the history, she said everyday she still learns more.

“It’s pretty mesmerizing, to hear him talk, he can tell so many stories, he has a lot of stories,” Mendibles said.

“It’s important that people learn the history,” Bushong. “It was a tough tough time.”

The 390th Memorial Museum is also working to restore bomber jackets. Each A-2 Jacket tells a story of heroism.

For more information, you can visit the official website.