If Diane Lane can find solace in an Italian getaway, then the rest of us can, too, right? Well, in theory. The gorgeous villa from the 2003 film “Under the Tuscan Sun” is now available to rent, so let the Italian vacations begin.

But before you pack your bag, you might want to know that this villa (as you might have guessed, given the term “villa”) is pricey place to go on vacation.

It’s been updated since the fixer-upper version you saw in the film. Now, it looks more like this:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

A luxury retreat at the Villa Laura, known as Villa Bramasole in the film, will run you anywhere from $2,387 to $4,092 a night, depending on the time of the year.

Considering the minimum night stay is seven nights, you’re looking at a minimum of $16,709 for this magnificent vacation.

While this is not exactly an attainable vacation destination for most, it’s still fun to dream about. So, imagine yourself in each of these photos: lounging poolside, cooking homemade pasta in the kitchen and basically living your best “Under the Tuscan Sun”-inspired lifestyle. Because hey, sometimes even the act of transporting yourself somewhere mentally can be the stress relief you need, at least momentarily.

You could cool down with a dip in the pool:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

Just look at the amazing view:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

This tub was made for relaxing:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

Talk about a dream kitchen:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

Between the grounds and the inside of the home itself, you might not ever leave the villa to explore anywhere else in Italy:

Courtesy Luxury Retreats

It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

There is some good news: The house has 10 bedrooms. So perhaps if you split the cost with multiple people, it would be more doable.

On the not-so-off-chance that your vacation budget is way smaller than $16,000, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to get away from your normal routine — just maybe not movie-star style.

There’s an entire island off the coast of Belize that rents for less than $500 a night, for example. It’s not be an Italian getaway, but hey, a private island? That’s pretty up there as far as travel experiences go.


So, what will your summer vacation look like? That’s for you (and your budget) to decide. But if you’ve got the money to spend, there’s always the Italian countryside. Because life’s better under the Tuscan sun — we’d imagine.

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